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What is the feature of the camera?
Time:2014-11-24 10:38:51

1)      Support IE/Safari/Firefox/Google and other browsers

2)      only use one port (other manufacturers divide into web ports, data port, command port and so on)

3)      Support UPNP port forwarding automatically

4)      Support the factory own domain name, also can support the third-party DDNS (3322, Dyndns, etc.);

5)      The Video file format is AVI. You can play by Mediaplayer, Coreplayer, VLC and other players directly

6)      Support three kinds of H.264 streams (1280*720, 640*352, 320*176)

7)      Support mobile phone view by Iphone, Android, and other smartphone

8)      Support normal mobile phone view in image way

9)      Email is compatible with all mail server

10)  The FTP function is stable, and public network transmission won’t lost files;

11)  It is easy to check whether account Settings is correct by Email and FTP

12)  Support Onvif 2.0

13)  Support TUTK P2P platform, fully realize plug and play

14)  Support SD card alarm record, timer record

15)  Support alarm linkage to capture three images continuously

16)  Support OSD name and time OSD to the image

17)  Support two-way voice intercom, the volume of Microphone input and speaker output is adjustable

18)   Support standard RTSP (RTSP over UDP, RTSP over TCP, RTSP over HTTP)

19)  Support motion detection, can set up four detection area

20)  Support NTP

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